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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  October 14, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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he's a career precision who has proven he knows how to play i'll scratch your back and you play my game. >> running at office but not at really running anything. christine o'donnell on the offensive. she goes face-to-face with her rival for joe biden's senate seat. is she ready for prime time? the man who dick cheney shot in the face is telling his side of the story after all these years and he says he never even got an apology from the former vp. is there any reason to ask seventh graders what they know about sex positions? we'll talk about the sex survey that has parents at one middle school outraged. good morning, i'm chris jansing. this is "jansing & company." joining the discussion evan schock and galina espinoza. they can't wait to talk about christine o'donnell.
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but first other big stories we've been watching for you. we just learned that some of those rescued chilean miners could go home today. we got that word from chile's health minister. initially they said theç3 miners would be hospitalized for 48 hours for observation and they say all the men seem to be in nearly good health, although they are facing some emotional and psychological challenges from those 70 days underground. one miner is being treated for pneumonia. a new sign that companies are still reluctant to hire workers. initial claims for unemployment benefits are on the rise. the labor department this morning reports 462,000 new claims were filed last week. and the nigerian man accused of packing his underwear with explosives and trying to blow up an airliner is in court today. he is representing himself at a p pretrial hearing in federal court. he does have a standby lawyer that could give him advice.
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trying to use a weapon of mass destruction on christmas day. she's been mocked by "saturday night live" by the late-night comics but last night was christine o'donnell's chance to prove to get serious. this is one of the more serious issues so far. with o'donnell and chris coons didn't disappoint. >> we will try to have a conversation here this evening. i think it would be helpful for us. >> now, chris coons is getting criticism in the papers for maybe being too mocking and too strident. norah o'donnell and msnbc contributor jonathan capehart. good to see all of you. haven't seen you in a while, susan. let me start with you. it's good to see you. what did you think about the debate last night? >> i am a mike castle fan, friend, served with him.
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i want into watching this debate with a little bit more of a jaundices eye and i thought she did an amazing job. expectations were set pretty well defend every number and when it came to unemployment -- >> are you surprised she wasn't prepared for that given the fact that sarah palin and others have tripped up on it? >> i think it's interesting because i was thinking as soon as that question was asked that all you have to do is go back and look at sarah palin's debate or questions by katie couric and others to look at the questions that might have been viable for reporters to ask last night. i was a little surprised, but i thought she handled it well and i don't think there is anybody in delaware that would look and say, she wasn't familiar. i think that is kind of an inside baseball, somewhat elitist question, i don't think there's people in delaware sitting there saying, she didn't
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know. >> how is that an elitist question to ask about a supreme court case that you disagree with? i mean, if she wants to serve in the united states senate, if she wants to serve in the united states senate, it is a question she should be able to answer. >> what i was trying to say, jonathan, for the average person living in delaware, that's a game changer. people are not going out and saying, now i'll vote for her because under the pressure of the debate, she couldn't recite the answer to that. >> interesting to see if the poll moves at all. at this point, norah, she's down double digits to chris coons. here's what christine o'donnell had to say about that last night, which is interesting. >> why is the democratic party pulling out all the stops to get him elected because they see him as a rubber stamp. >> maybe not the reason why, but i have heard some questions raised like barack obama has limited time, he's only going to go to so many places. why is he going to delaware and spending the time there when you
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have a race where the democrat is leading by double digits. >> because they don't want delaware to become another massachusetts senate race, like what happened out of no where in the last two weeks scott brown was able to defeat martha coakley in what should have been -- >> they are worried about christine o'donnell? >> they realize that this is a different kind of election. that there could be a republican wave out there. she is down double digits. she only got 30,000 votes in that primary, that is still just a minuscule amount to win that primary, but there is some concern. it is joe biden's old senate seat and it would be terribly embarrassing to lose that seat. it will be tough if they lose harry reid in nevada and really embarrassing if christine o'donnell wins in delaware, especially given it is biden's old senate seat and they should be able, now that she's down double digits. >> i also want to get your reaction to this because last night lawrence o'donnell called this the most efefective political ad he hadç ever seen and from the friends of christine o'donnell. let me play a little clip of it.
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>> in america where jobs are being lost and wages cut in delaware where the economy is suffering, hide your will. hide your lights. because he's taxing everything out here. chris coons is the tax man. >> because you remember antwan dawnson the guy's whose sister allegedly was attacked by someone and he said hide your wife, hide your kids because they're raping everybody out here, that's that, antwan has gone -- >> but is it effective political ad you've seen? one of them? >> one of them. >> could it work? >> sure, sure. because it's more substantive than the actual candidate. >> it's a different political ad. >> it is not that sort of glossy, shiny ad where you see a politician sitting behind a window in the back with their
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pretty backyard and an american flag and saying, hi, i'm so and so and i'm going to make sure that we get jobs for you. >> nicely done, nora. >> my opponent wants to kill jobs. it's certainly a different kind of ad. look, she raised $4 million in the last quarter. that's a heck of a lot of money. that's like the kind of money that sharron angle -- >> i want to let you have the last word. do you think that could help her? do you think the democrats have good reason to send barack obama into delaware? >> i want to comment on two things. i think it is an effective ad because it is different and norah is acting like she's seen some of my old political commercials from the '90s. it does get you talking and get your attention and that's what they need to do. there is a concern, if at the end of this election day we say why want president obama's senate seat and we want joe
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biden's senate seat i think that sends a devastating message as we begin the presidential, the day after this election. so, i think there is some concern out there. >> susan, norah, jonathan, thank you very much. the political season this year certainly might well be called the spending season, huge, i mean huge dollar figures are making headlines across the nations. both çparties are calculating what it will cost to win in november. richard lui has been crunching the numbers for us. i cannot believe some of these numbers. >> every morning in our editorial meeting you're asking, so, how much have they spent in each category? we got this report right here that breaks it down and it's an eye opener when you look at the numbers not only in dollars but also in ads. it shows in 201075% over the same five-week period in 2008. i'll show you that almost $10 million spent in ads just in five weeks and the balance of power and according to the
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report right now gop the way it stands at the moment. so, if you think last election had a lot of ads, though, i wanted to take a look at a number of ads and actually the list amount here. there are 100,000 more ads and look at what happened in 2008, that was the number on the last screen, this is the number i was talking about earlier. the increase of 75% in terms of ad spent from '08 to '10. here's the meat that we have gotten from all these numbers. the amount of interest that interest groups spend on ads, it has grown the most and has it has grown almost all on house races, which could indicate at the moment that's where interest groups believe the battleground is this year. another take away that we got from the report including canada party and interest group spending the gop is leading democrats 3-2, chris, that number contrary to some of the other indrktz that show the opposite of that. >> you're showing that graphic, money not well spent. it does not always necessarily
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translate to a win. >> those numbers were a little ahead of me. but here's some examples of that "usa today" breaks out on all of this. one example is alaska. joe miller took out lisa murkowski. by 300 times and he lost that. and then there's delaware's christine o'donnell, we were just talking about her who leveled mike castle despite raising one-sixth of the money there. chris, we talked about this many times i was indicating earlier. an interesting election on many fronts. one of which is where is this point of diminishing returns when it comes to campaign finance. i guess we might figure that out by the end of this election. >> susan, let me pose it to you. is it clear where there's a point where we've just hit critical masses. such a thing as overexposure? i'm trying to figure out when people are talking about these
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kind of numbers in an off-season election and a billion dollars if you want to run for president. where's the point? >> i do think some things need to be pointed out, which is at least for the republican party, there's so many more seats in play than there have been in past years. i mean, we're looking at over 100 seats, you know, that could potentially be in play here and every day that president obama and vice president biden come out and attack the republicans for their, you know, for other accounts that are going into these races more money comes in because people are getting so upset that the president is taking this on as sort of his raise on debt behind some of the allegations that he's making for some of these groups like the chamber, et cetera. money is coming in. an excitement level to the republican party. i saw a number today in politico that the congressional committee posted the largest fund-raising month since '06. the republicans every day when you pick up the papers are expanding their playing field and the democrats are and there
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are a lot more seats in play than we've seen in the past. >> a certain irony, though, that some of the seats are in play and the tea party, this grassroots effort that talked about not having a centralized office and not spending money, big money in the traditional way but a lot of those people are getting huge amounts of money. >> really positioning themselves as the party for the average american and here we are talking about tens of millions of dollars and i think that there is a real disconnect with their message and i do think that that could be a turn off for voters. >> but you know what, chris, let's keep something in mind. they could raise all of this money, but money doesn't buy elections. it does not guarantee victory. christine o'donnell is down 16 points and most likely will not, will not win. norah just said she raised $4 million. that's huge in that kind of race. in california, blanking on the person, senator barba boxer is running, meg whitman, spending a lot of her own money.
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she's down in the polls antç jerry brown. you can raise a lot of money, but it doesn't mean it will get people to pull the lever for you if they don't believe in you. >> great conversation, thanks. see the new foreclosure numbers out this morning. they show the housing crisis has not yet hit bottom. if you couple that with a new lawsuit alleging foreclosure fraud. you have to ask what all this means for you if you're buying or selling. debate in the desert. what harry reid has to do tonight with his opponent sh sharron angle to hold on to that senate seat. ring ring. progresso.
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these new numbers out today show a lot more people struggling to stay in their home. more than 288,000 homes were foreclosed on in the last three months. that's the worst three months for home foreclosures since the housing bubble burst in 2006. and up 22% from the year before. now, these new numbers come as attorney's general in all 50
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states launch an investigation into whether lenders cut corners in the foreclosure process. the number one realtor in u.s. sales with more than $7 billion in real estate sold. it's good of you to come in. thanks so much. i am wondering among buyers and sellers, is this causing confusion or nervousness? >> it is causing further problems now just another thing to think about. another confidence buster. we don't need any more confidence busters in real estate. so, it is a real problem. >> so, what would you say to people? let's start with folks in the market to buy a home, especially it's been a big segment of the market now and people buying foreclosed homes and some of now. >> 25% of that market was investors and that's going to clear out. people are going to stay on the sidelines and not look at buying anything and say, what if the title is wrong or something else is wrong? it's bringing up a lot of oother
11:19 am
questions that don't come up before. we always assume when we buy something that they have insurance. >> is your advice don't buy a foreclosed home? >> my advise is to be very careful and have a great attorney. a great attorney will get you through it. >> what does it mean for sellers out there? >> i think the glut will be postponed and then a further glut because it will be a mountain versus just a trickle that we had until now. >> so, you have the housing market. we talked about this a lot. such a big part of the economy. it's been considered key, getting it up and running again. a key part of getting the economy up and running again. give us your crystal ball. what do you think is going to go on out there? >> i'd say for the rest of this year, we're not in great stead. everything is going, the confidence game is over and we're not going to have any confidence and people resistant to buy. it depends on ho aquickly we
11:20 am
co come out of it. >> it's a shame in many ways home is the american dream. interest rates very low right now. >> lowest ever, but that's not the problem. the problem is the confidence. if you don't have a job and you don't have confidence in the purchase price of the property, why are you jumping into buy something if it's a ten-year buy? you know, it's not a quickie. it's taen-year buy and people say, maybe i shouldn't do this. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. with his job on the line, senate majority leader harry reid will take on sharron angle. tonight, their one and only debate what both sides need to do if they want to tip the vote in their favor. ♪ [ upbeat instrumental ]
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as she heads into tonight's high-stakes debate. reporting angle has a slight edge over reid, that's coo kaccg to their new poll. tonight, just 19 days to go until the midterms and in one of the most closely watched races reid and angle will square off. their one and only debate. nate silver who correctly predicted the outcome in 49 of 50 states in 2008 said it is a toss-up, although he does give angle a slight edge. >> usually when you have approval ratings like harry reid when you're down 40% or so, it's hard to get re-elected. the fact that he's so close, it is a tie right now. she is not the most compelling candidate. >> let's bring back our company. susan, jonathan and galina. we talk about high stakes and a
11:25 am
lot of people would agree she may not be the most compelling candidate, could be real trouble. >> it could be real trouble. i mean, as the polls showed, she's up two points. everyone would love to be up two points. i think harry reid would like to be that person because he can build on that momentum. if she builds on that momentum, it could spell trouble for harry reid. this isn't just any ordinary senate race. harry reid just isn't any ordinary senator. he's the senate majority leader and a huge blow to the democrats if he was in that seat. >> again, the latest mason/dishen poll angle leads reid for the first time since winning the nomination. how much does money play into this? >> it has given her a lot of visibility. she's not the greatest candidate, but, aer getting her message out there and it speaks to how much people dislike harry reid. >> i'm?x#ascinated by the fact that in the end it often comes down to old-fashioned politics. get out the vote, who's going to go door to door.
11:26 am
>> no doubt about it. reid is launching the most expensive get out of the vote operation ever in nevada. we saw president clinton. former president clinton who was out there earlier last week. president obama is apparently going to swoop in to help. could these guys make a difference for him? >> well, i think what senator reid is contending with, which is what a lot of democrats throughout the country are contending with is that enthusiasm gap. you can even be up to four points on the democratic side and still be considered, you know, a toss-up in terms of your ability to win because the enthusiasm is not there and clearly has not been there specifically for senator reid. when we just looked at the last segment that you did when you look at the foreclosure numbers in nevada, when you look at the unemployment numbers and, i mean, they are so much higher than even the rest of the country and, so, i think senator reid, at this point, has an uphill battle and couple that with and i agree with what
11:27 am
jonathan said before, money doesn't change a vote, but for sharron angle $14.3 million in the third quarter shows the enthusiasm gap, a lot coming from tea party money and lot of excitement around her campaign and $14 million in the last, in the third quarter shows that momentum is still at her back. >> i, for one, can't wait to see this debate tonight. susan, jonathan, galina you have all been great. >> thank you. president obama goes on mtv today trying to capture some of that magic he had back in 2008 with young voters. we'll talk with the youngest member of congress in three minutes. who can forget that infamous hunting accident involving dick cheney? now we're learning that his injuries may have been more serious than we were told. ♪ client comes in and they have a box. and inside that box is their financial life. people wake up and realize i better start doing something. we open up that box. we organize it.
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very cool and hip when you're a politician. president obama, though, will be hosting an mtv town hall with young voters this afternoon to
11:31 am
try to get them to the polls. but candidates have been trying to reach out to the younger generation for a very long time. remember this mtv moment with president clinton? >> mr. president, the world's dying to know, is it boxers or briefs? >> usually briefs. >> in 2008, president obama would only say, i don't answer those humiliating questions, but whichever one it is, i look good in them. congressman, good to see you, thanks for being with us. >> chris, good to be with you. >> you're 29, so, what, you were 12, 13 years old. do you remember that president clinton mtv town hall? >> absolutely. i watched mtv and i remember that very vividly. >> that is exactly the kind of thing that would probably stick in the mind of a 12 or 13-year-old boy.
11:32 am
but to serious matters, whether you're a republican or you're a democrat, one of the big challenges for time and memoriam is to get young voters to the polls. i'm wondering why you think, obviously, they were energized by barack obama and by change and by the idea of the first african-american president in 2008, where do you think the enthusiasm has gone and can either the democrats or the renz get it back? >> well, chris, i think young voters are like every kind of voter whether you're a female voter or senior citizen voter. young people want to be spoken to and they want the message that is going to them to be relevant. and i think two years ago president obama struck a chord. he offered inspiration and offered change in a stark alternative to then president bush. so the young people who were motivated to vote two years ago were overwhelmingly disproportionately in support of democratic candidates and led by president obama.
11:33 am
fast forward toç two years tod and that's dramatically different. young people today, i was on the university of texas' campus two days ago and the young people there are motivated by one thing. jobs. they're at the end of their college career. young people today are wanting to get a job, better job if they have one today. very ambitious financially for themselves and they're not happy with the majority in congress and the white house with their handling of economy and at the end of the day the young people motivated this election cycle are going to be disproportionately skewed to supporting candidates. >> i have three young voters here and they're very politically active and i will reintroduce emma, the president of penn democrats and john is the president of fortm university college republicans and christopher is the president of college democrats of boston college. any of you remember, you're way too remember? >> so, is there a personality
11:34 am
issue for you in this whole thing? are you looking for someone who really can relate to you, who can talk to you? are you just really looking at who's going to get me a job? >> i don't know. i think that president obama has the personality still to win over young voters. i mean, i think -- >> but then he's not running and he's not motivating, according to the polls. >> you know, i think that's the toughest part for the democratic party right now. he's not at the top of the ticket, but putting him on mtv and all this stuff, it's really, it's making the mid-term election a lot more of a national race and that's definitely i see in a cleeolleg that one of the toughest problem we have is so many students are from out of state. getting them motivated, it's much harder to get them motivated. but with a national candidate there or a national figure, it's much easier. >> and we're talking in the last hour, you all sort of felt there were real communication issues and that they weren't communicating on the democratic side exactly the things that you
11:35 am
think they've done that would appeal to young voters and they're not reaching out to you, what can a candidate do to reach students on college campuses? >> i think the most successful tool is probably facebook and the social media stuff. i spent a lot of my day on facebook wasting my time. but i think it's a really effective way -- >> wasting my time. >> i think it's an effective way for a candidate, you know, to the candidates know where the voters are and just a matter of exciting them. >> congressman, do you tweet? do you facebook? >> absolutely use facebook. i hope your viewers are checking me out and like me and join my group. your guests are exactly right. social media, you know, the problem for a lot of older candidates running for office is they're not tech savvy and the fact of the matter is, young people don't get their information from the daily newspaper any more. young people get their information online. they get it through facebook and twitter and, so, if you're a candidate not communicating through those means, the young
11:36 am
people aren't hearing you. so, part of the struggle on democrat and republican parties is getting the candidates to communicate to young people using the methods they use to get their information. >> chris, not to say that you're not concerned about what's going on in the world and you certainly have expressed that all the people you talked to are worried about when they talk to getting a job, it's kind of unrealistic for them to think that 18, 1922 year olds will start reading a daily newspaper and sitting down at 6:30 at night and listening to what's going on on the news. >> that's the benefit of facebook and twitter gets the information out to us in a succinct matter. college students are really busy. we want to know the facts really quickly and facebook and twit the best way to do that. >> do your campuses have facebook pages? >> yes. >> you tweet all the time? >> yes. most successful way to get people to our events. >> democrat, republican, it would be great if we could get a lot more people energized to get out and vote.
11:37 am
early voting, mail voting, let's hope it happens. i was kidding before, but it's true. they got up very early to come here and be with us. thank you for doing that. congressman, we appreciate you sticking around, as well. thanks so much. >> chris, good to be with you. all right 5 five years ago you remember this guy harry whitington, he was a household name. today the name is tougher to place. need a hint. the older gentleman shot in the face by then vice president dick cheney. harry whitington is now 82. when people get older they just say what they think, he's telling his story to "the washington post." i want to bring in harry who interviewed him for "washington post" and he's telling a different story than most of what we heardç back then. give us the highlights. >> well, a little bit different, chris. he experienced quite a bit of trauma. he was in the hospital in the intensive care ward for a week. his injuries were quite extensive and he suffered what
11:38 am
appeared to be a mild heart attack, which we knew about, but other injuries, as well. he had a collapsed lung that was not reported at the time. he had dozens and dozens of skin wounds. he had, he has still about 30 lead bird shot pellets still in his body that no one can touch, too dangerous to touch or they didn't bother with. so, he, he did have quite a bad experience. >> and the former vice president didn't talk about the issue until four days later. just to remind people, let me play for them what he said. >> ultimately, i'm the guy who pulled the trigger that fired the round that hit harry and you can talk about all the other conditions that existed at the time. >> there also were reports that they were old friends, that -- i'm wondering how accurate that is and did he apologize? >> well, first of all, they weren't exactly old friends.
11:39 am
they had met on three occasions. mr. whitington was a prominent figure in the republican party in texas. they had met about three times, as i said, over 30 years. they didn't really know each other. they were kind of acquainted. the reports that they were friends and buddies was not accurate. as to the apology, that's kind of interesting. dick cheney did take responsibility for the shooting, but he never apologized in public and, as far as i can tell, has never apologized personally to mr. whitington. >> interesting article, thank you, paul, i appreciate you coming in. >> thank you. was it a case of mistaken identity that led to the alleged pirate attack on the american couple on a mexican lake? new details straight ahead.
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responsible drivers like you deserve. looks really good. call us at... or visit your local liberty mutual office, where an agent can help you find the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual auto insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? don't ask, don't tell personified. last night on the rachel maddow show rachel had exclusive interviews with two gay members of the u.s. military who are living under the current policy. even though this policy has been ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge and president obama says he wants it repealed, it is in effect. here is an excerpt from one of the interviews talking about an issue his partner had during his deployment. >> i was going integrate with an army unit at the time in fallujah, iraq, and it was a
11:44 am
wild west and i had no idea what to expect. so, i knew it was going it be dangerous and i didn't know how he would be taken care of if something happened to me, god forbid. one thing that did happen, with his medical issues and fortunately i didn't find out until after i got back. he was on the table and had to be, basically paddled back to life. >> wow. >> his heart just stopped. i didn't know that. he didn't tell me that. >> you found out about it once you got home. >> once i got home. if that had been someone's spouse, they would have been flown home immediately to be with them. there's nuthing i could do.ç if he died, i'd have to finish out my tour or risk getting kicked out of something that i've always wanted to do, something that i always loved doing.
11:45 am
defending the country. defending the people of this country. >> and you can watch the rachel maddow show right here on msnbc 9:00 p.m. weeknights. new theory on the alleged pirate attack. david hartley's wife said he was shot to death two weeks ago while jet skiing. now, a global intelligence company says david's death may have been a case of mistaken identity. says he was caught at the wrong place at the wrong time in a war between rival mexican drug gangs. former fbi profiler clint van zant joins us now. based on what we know from this case and originally a lot of it didn't ring true, but do you think this is a plausible explanation that maybe he was just incredibly unlikely. wrong place, wrong time. >> number one, whoever shot him, should they be these mexican druggies, these are not the brightest bulb on the terrorism christmas tree. they were out there, if the victim and his wife were taken
11:46 am
pictures, they could have been mistak mistaken. th this, this could be individuals in one drug cartel who just drew a line in the water, so to speak, on that lake. sending a message, this is our lake, we're in charge. you come over here and you're going to get killed. i mean, that's the type of brazen activity that also brought about the death, the decapitation of the lead investigator and, chris, so far this year, over 50 americans have been murdered in mexico. that's, if that rate continues, it will surpass last year's high of 80 u.s. citizens who were killed in that country. >> and we don't know whether or not. there are some question whether or not the beheading was related directly to this case. nevertheless, clint, how difficult does it make it, if you're an american citizen and something happens to you on the mexican side of the border, what are the chances you'll get cooperation in investigating that crime and let's all remember that his body still has not been found. david hartley's body is still
11:47 am
out there somewhere. >> mexico said, well, because the victim's wife didn't file formalç paperwork and come to e us, it took us five days. if something like that happens in america, it takes us five minutes to start an investigation. you have to get up and get going on these situations as fast as you can. i read an article recently, chris, that talked about the criminal, the crime solution rate in mexico, 2%, chris. 2. that means 98% of crimes go unsolved. i mean, how much faith can you put in your authorities if your biggest fear is that they're corrupt or inant and if they're honest we know what can happen to an honest military person in mexico. >> clint, thanks. >> thank you. how much is too much information for your middle schooler when it comes to sex? wait till you hear a survey that seventh graders took.
11:48 am
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for many teenagers it is the most exciting moment of high school, hands down. so, you got to feel for this kid. just homes after passing his driving test, he crashed into the office where you get the license. happened outside of pittsburgh. police say the teen thought the car was in park. at least three people were hurt. fortunately, none seriously. i don't know, can they revoke a license? i feel bad for that kid. and marching with a message. 13-year-oldç marco melgosa say he is tired of being picked on by bullies so he picketed outside his own middle school in madeira, california. he says he is trying to give a voice to kids who don't speak
11:52 am
up. the school says the kids involved in the bullying have apologized. boy what a debate is unfolding in washington, d.c. over a sex education program in a middle school. critics say that the children are being exposed to too much information far too early. it's called the pretest. it was given to seventh graders. and it quizzed these mostly 12-year-olds on their knowledge of sexual activities, positions, drug use during sex and transgenderism. the group behind the program says the goal is to help kids protect themselves. psychologist jeff gardere is an nbc contributor and eric tenor, from the group that provided that survey. i want to start with you. you had to know going into this that that sur acres have some of these questions, were going to create an uproar. why did you do it? >> well, there is a few things that we know. these questions are not actually that dissimilar to questions
11:53 am
that are asked on nationally mandated surveys that are done throughout the country. we also know that the questions are based on good science. they are also -- all of the curriculum is in line with the d.c. health education standards as well as the national health learning standards. >> there are questions that are nationally mandated about transgenderism and sexual positions? >> well, you know, sexual positions is probably maybe not the best way to talk about it. what we think about is roots of hiv and is sexually transmitted infection transmission so we want to make sure that kids have information. what we know in middle schools in d.c. as recent as the 2009 youth risk behavior survey, that 22.8% of middle school students said they have already had sexual intercourse at least once. >> chlamydia rates are 16 times higher for d.c. teens than the national average. they are three times more likely to get pregnant. one in five is having sex, as you said, by middle school. jeff, obviously, those numbers are very distressing.
11:54 am
putting out a test like this, is it the way to deal with it and as a psychologist, you understand why a lot of parents are up in arms. >> i think adam may agreeç wit this i think perhaps the mistake that was made here was that the parents were not full warned about this. metro teen aids has done this before, as far as give than sort of survey out and there hasn't been that kind of outcry. i think what may have happened here was the opt out form sent to parents that let them know what is happening, whether their kids should participate, i believe that may have been sent out the same day that this survey was given and i think that's where a lot of this criticism is coming from. the parents were not prepared for this. and i think that metro teen aids is doing a very good job in getting that survey out there, because we need to know what's going on with these kids. we need to know about whether they are being bull build sexual gender or sexual orientation. all of that is great
11:55 am
information. as you said, chris, we look at these high rates of chlamydia and other stds, hiv and so on and those metro d.c. kids are being overly affected by that, something needs to be done and i think sometimes you need to break a few eggs in order to make that omelette. >> and i think, adam, your group has agreed that the best knowledge, the best education begins at home what are parents not doing? >> well, i don't think it is what parents aren't doing. i think, in part it is about -- we have actually a program called parents matter that actually helps parents learn how to start in fourth and fifth grade to initiate conversations so that by the time they are in middle school and talking to their parents less and relying more on their school mates for information, that they have the skills and already started those conversations. the reality is that we have surveyed parents and parents very strongly believe that d.c. schools should provide the biological parts of disease prevention and all this kind of information but that they want some -- they want the domain of the ethical and moral parts of
11:56 am
dating and sex to be led by the parents. and we completely agree. that is not schools' strong suit. >> adam tenor, jeff gardere, thanks to both of you. >> thanks for having us. >> that is going to do it this hour. i'm chris jansing. see you tomorrow and every day at 10 a.m. eastern. the president and vice president head to delaware to campaign for chris coons. alex witt picks that up. is in the national spotlight. christine o'donnell and chris coons spar over the issue and whether cons is a marc marxist. all this and more as o'donnell gets stumped on a supreme court decision she disagrees with. and the world witnesses a miracle, the miners making out safely. what is next for the famous 33? is the help for homer ones coming too late? with foreclosures topping a
11:57 am
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